Manufacturing News Roundup

While hunting for great manufacturing and inventory management topics to write about, I found so many I’d like to cover that I decided to present them all in a single blog post. I’ll add a little comment on each news article and then encourage you to check out all the good news coming from the manufacturing industry.

Cowboy roping money with a lasso, Fishbowl BlogManufacturing News

ABC News: Manufacturing in America: US Set for a ‘Manufacturing Renaissance’ – China’s woes are America’s gains. Hopefully the United States will be able to compete harder for manufacturing jobs in the next few years and continue to see impressive growth.

Reuters: U.S. factory, services revenue to rise in 2011: ISM – Manufacturing output is expected to keep rising through the end of 2011. The only problem is that inflation is lifting the price of raw materials faster than expected.

USA Today: Businesses order more factory goods in March – Companies keep ordering more products, including computers, industrial machinery and vehicles, from manufacturers. March saw the fifth straight month of order increases.

Inventory Management News

The Wall Street Journal: Americans Turn to Credit to Deal With High Oil Prices – Consumers are spending slightly less to deal with higher gas prices. To adjust to changes in demand, businesses are keeping their inventories low and practicing smart inventory management.

The Street: Tyson Beats Rivals as Commodities Rise – Despite rising costs, food producer Tyson saw its sales rise 15 percent and its profit margin jump about 50 percent. They credit stronger inventory management and efficient manufacturing processes for their success.

Zacks: J.C. Penney to Outperform – Thanks in large part to its strong supply chains and inventory management, J.C. Penney continues to be one of the strongest clothing retailers.

I hope you enjoyed reading these articles. Keep coming back to this blog for all the latest news about manufacturing inventory software.

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