Achieving Green Inventory Management

Achieve green inventory management for a healthier business, Fishbowl BlogA business that makes the best use of its resources is saving a lot more than just money. There are only so many resources to go around, so it’s a good idea to have as much efficiency as possible to prevent waste. That’s what wise stewards do.

What can you do to achieve green inventory management? Here are a few ideas: Continue reading

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5 Inventions That Could Radically Change the Way Companies Manage Inventory

How will new technology affect inventory management? Fishbowl BlogNew technology is both useful and disruptive. As companies struggle to adapt to an ever-changing environment of one innovation after another, they should prepare for things that could have a huge impact on how they do business.

Here are five inventions that could radically change the way companies manage their inventory. Continue reading

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Essential Supply Chain Management Tip: Know Your Customers

The whole point of managing supply chains is to make sure your customers’ needs are taken care of. You want to have the right parts and products on hand when your customers are ready to buy them. That’s how your business can enjoy steady growth and health. Continue reading

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Disruptive Inventory Management Technology Is Coming

All around us we keep hearing about disruptive technologies being developed. These are game changers that interrupt business as usual and force people and companies to adapt to a new environment.

What new disruptive technology is coming to inventory management? Fishbowl BlogFor example, there are driverless cars being tested in Japan that could seriously change the revenue sources as well as the long-held policies of insurance companies, police forces, public utilities, and parking lots, just to name a few.

And then there’s 3D printing, which has the potential to change not only consumer manufacturing operations but home construction, food production, and many other industries.

What about inventory management? What disruptive technology is in the works to shake things up in this important area of running a business?

Here are a few developments that fit the bill by making advanced inventory management tools available to more companies and also making them easier to use: Continue reading

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10 Reasons to Be Upbeat About the Manufacturing Industry

Things are looking up for the manufacturing industry in 2014, Fishbowl BlogThe U.S. economy is holding steady and jobs still haven’t fully recovered from the recession several years ago, but that hasn’t stopped the manufacturing industry from having a great year in 2013. The future looks even brighter for it, too.

Here are 10 positive signs that should give us hope about the health of the U.S. manufacturing industry, as a whole, from Business Insider and Bloomberg: Continue reading

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5 Ways E-Retailers Can Reduce Product Returns

The Christmas season is the biggest time of the year for sales across the country. But on the flipside it also leads to the biggest returns of the year as people face buyer’s remorse, incorrect sizes, lack of funds, or other problems and decide to send merchandise back where it came from.

Reduce customer returns with five simple tactics, Fishbowl BlogIt’s a scary (and poorly reported) fact that one-third of all products sold online are returned. In the virtual world where people can’t try on clothes or make sure they like all the features on pieces of hardware before purchasing them, you’ve got to expect that mistakes will be made and people will need to return items from time to time.

But one-third still seems pretty extreme. There are some cases where people habitually take advantage of lenient return policies to try out expensive products they have no intention of keeping. Businesses need to balance the legitimate need customers have to return products with the potential abuse that can come from being too open.

How can you minimize returns and keep your customers happy? Here are five ideas, which are primarily aimed at ecommerce retailers: Continue reading

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Never Say Yes to Someone Who Won’t Take No for an Answer

Some people refuse to let you say no, Fishbowl BlogI recently got a call from someone who desperately wanted to come across as my friend. He buttered me up with praise for my exemplary work as a writer, and he told me how special I am because I just qualified for an exclusive offer.

I listened patiently and spoke kindly with him – the whole time dreading what I knew was coming. After 15 minutes, he finally came to the point: He wanted me to pay an enormous fee for a special privilege I knew I didn’t need, and I had to make a final decision right then. Continue reading

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