Revitalizing Your Manufacturing Business

By James Shores

Diagnose your business' health, Fishbowl BlogIt’s supposed to be an annual checkup, but let’s be honest here, more than a few years have passed. Maybe there will be bad news. What if there is no news? That would just be good news, right? All you know is anywhere is better than here, waiting at the doctor’s office.

And that’s when the good Doc shows up, to fill you in on the “issues”: It looks like your employee potential is being lost to supply audits, incoming work orders don’t reflect actual inventory, and accounts keeps arguing with supply about the “books.” Oh, and you could use some more fiber.

It’s time to diagnose the health of our business. And then go to work fixing it. Continue reading

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Why Hiring Six Sigma Employees Will Save Manufacturers Money

By Ryan Kohler

Six Sigma is an effective way to improve the efficiency and overall profitability of your business. It is a method of reducing errors and flaws in business processes through a focus on data and discipline. Hiring employees already trained in Six Sigma will save your company a lot of money. Continue reading

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U.S. Manufacturing Rises Amid Global Pullback

Are you ready for some good news? Despite concerns about government spending, a possible European recession, and stagnating consumer wages, U.S. manufacturing grew for the third month in a row in February 2013. And it doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Maintaining a Profitable Business in Today’s Economy

By Melisa Cammack

In business, profitability is a key measure of success as it involves all factors from having a strong business model, to repaying lenders and investors. Profitability determines a business’ long-term continuity, and undertaking small changes in the operation of a business can lead to significant profits without compromising the business budget and structure. Here are five tips to help businesses maintain profitability in today’s economy. Continue reading

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The Future of Manufacturing Inventory Management

The future of inventory management is already here for some manufacturers, Fishbowl BlogImagine not just tracking the locations and quantities of parts and products you have in your warehouse and where they are, but what they are doing at any given moment.

According to an MIT Technology Review article, some cutting-edge manufacturers are using software and sensors to measure how long a particular part or material has been in production, how long manufacturing jobs should take, what causes items to become damaged or stronger during the manufacturing process, and many other important details. All of this information is then available to warehouse workers in real time on tablets. Continue reading

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How to Solve 10 Serious Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain problem, Fishbowl BlogI recently found an article about supply chain concerns that, even though it was published a year ago, has a lot of lessons that apply to businesses as we move further into this exciting New Year. A British research firm asked 300 business leaders what their biggest supply chain concerns are, and these are what they came up with, starting with the most talked about.

All of these concerns can be resolved with a good supply chain management solution. I’ll show you what I mean: Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Use QuickBooks in Your Company

By Kamran Sharief

When starting a new business, some entrepreneurs are caught off guard when it comes to bookkeeping. Most business owners turn to some form of online bookkeeping software to help with these tasks. The most commonly used accounting software is QuickBooks. There are five reasons why you may want to use QuickBooks for your business: It is simple it use, can instantly create invoices, handle payroll, calculate taxes, and is accessible from virtually anywhere. Let’s talk about these reasons in more detail. Continue reading

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3D Printing to Transform Manufacturing Industry

Massive changes are coming to the manufacturing industry in the not-too-distant future thanks to additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. This technology has existed since the 1980s, but it is only in recent years that it has started to be used across more industries and even by consumers.

3D printing impacted manufacturing early in its history when it was mainly used as a way to generate physical prototypes of objects that had been created as images in a computer. It can now be used in the actual manufacturing process as a way to limit wasted resources and even speed up manufacturing jobs. Continue reading

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Solutions to 5 Inventory Management Problems

The bigger your company gets, the more logistical challenges you’ll face. To help, I’ve compiled a list of five major problems involving inventory management, and I also offer solutions to each of them. Let’s dive in and start problem solving! Continue reading

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The Next Best Thing to Going Paperless

By Mike Lewis

While it is almost impossible to truly go “paperless,” at the very least it should be the goal of all businesses to use LESS paper!

Paperless piece of paper, Fishbowl BlogTools abound to make our lives better, while at the same time using fewer natural resources.  The more intuitive the technology, the better!  Converting faxes into email attachments is a simple thing that you could be doing right now.  Depending on your security preferences, fax documents can also be delivered to FTP folders, HTTPS posts, or other custom solutions. Continue reading

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