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Why the U.S. Is Looking More Attractive to Manufacturers

This infographic compares the cost of manufacturing products in China to the cost of manufacturing in the United States. Continue reading

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How to Devote More Time to What Really Matters in Business

Advanced inventory management software will take a lot of the weight off your shoulders. Continue reading

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Engaging Your Employees Might Just Save Your Business

Don’t wait for the economy to improve. Make it happen by changing the way you treat your employees. Continue reading

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Achieving Green Inventory Management

What can you do to achieve green inventory management? Here are a few ideas. Continue reading

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Essential Supply Chain Management Tip: Know Your Customers

Your customers’ needs affect your storage space, the number of items on your shelves, your reordering practices, and many other parts of your business. Continue reading

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5 Ways E-Retailers Can Reduce Product Returns

It’s a scary (and poorly reported) fact that one-third of all sales made online are returned. Continue reading

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Don’t Wait to Innovate the Way You Manage Inventory

If you’re not already using inventory software, you shouldn’t wait too long to take that big step. Continue reading

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